It's been a while since I posted an outfit post, but I'm kind of back? Don't get me wrong I like to blog but the problem is I don't have someone around who can take my outfit pictures. But that's oke since this is just a hobby and the place where I can talk about my daily life :-) So how are you guys doing? At this moment I'm working five days a week and I can't wait to get back to school in september! My first day of school is next week where I get to meet my new classmates, which is exciting though. So about my outfit. This is what I wore when I was hanging out with a friend. I stayed at her place and the next day we ordered American burgers with lots of fries and a delicious chicken salad. In the evening we went to a friend of ours who lives in Arnhem. But since I had my camera with me I thought let's shoot some outfit pictures. Oh and by the way my shoes are from Elisestore! I can't wait to pair them with fall clothes but first I need to pick them up at a friends house where I left them, well actually I forgot them there, hehe. I'm going to sleep now since I need to work tomorrow/today! Talk to you guys later



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Can you imagine how excited I was when I came home - after four weeks being in The United States - And the first thing that I saw in my room was a bubble gum colored packaging. Whenever I spot a bubble gum colored packaging, I know that it's from Luxury for princess. This time they came out with a new set. It's called the ' Princess Supreme'' This one is actually in 320grams and 22''! That's alooot! Compared to my first set that I received from them - almost two years ago! - I also made a video for you guys, I often get questions on Instagram if I want to make a video about ' How I do my hair'. So there you go! :-)
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Okay, first of all I want to apologize for not blogging. I don't know why, but I did;t feel like blogging for over a month. It's just that I feel that blogging is something that you would want to do and not have to do. Anyway, I still have a lot of pictures from my trip to The United States. I will do my best to find them and post it as a day post and tell you guys what I did that day (as much as I can remember anyway) So here we go!
When I was done with my make-up and decided what to wear I had some time left before my aunt and cousins came to pick me up. So I thought let's take some pictures and right when I did that I heard my aunt calling my name. So I packed everything and went outside. My aunt taught me how to set the alarm before leaving the house. After setting the alarm I remembered that I left the dog inside.. That was;t my brightest moment, haha (and yes we opened the door and let the dog out, but it was too late. The alarm had already been trioggered, oops!)
We picked up my cousin Liana and then we went to Victoria Gardens. I had heard of it on youtube that many you tubers life here. It's a big outside shopping mall and the first shop you will see when you park your car is...
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II took these pictures a while ago with Valeria when the sun was shining. I seriously need to do this more often. Shooting multiple outfit pictures on one day since living in The Netherlands means switching sun with dark skies and rain (for the most part). I got this new top from Sheinside. If you're familiar with the Wang collaboration with H&M then you will definitely recognize this top. The top comes in two colors; white and black. Maybe I should have picked the black one since I dropped guacamole on it, whoopsie! Oh, and talking about dips. I went to the movie Cinderella with Alvard. Have you guys watched it already? If you love Disney movies then you should definitely watch this one. I also really want to watch Frozen Fever! Have you seen it yet? Let me know what you thought of it!



People who have been following my blog for about two years know how much I'm obsessed with dip-dyed hair. If every color would match with my black hair I would dye my hair a different color every week. But, unfortunately that is not the case. When I dyed my hair purple it was pink at first and I liked it, but after washing the extensions the pink faded into something similar to orange and I'm not a big fan of warm toned hair colors. Maybe later I'll dye my extensions with a different color, but for now I'm happy with how they turned out. As you can see I'm not that active on my blog anymore. It's not that I'm planning on quitting or something like that, I just lost most of my motivation to continue blogging or even shooting outfit pictures. This might be because I wore basically the same clothes for three months. Maybe I need to get rid of my old clothes and buy new ones. I know, I know... Just an excuse to buy more clothes, haha.

Wearing my @Luxuryforprincess clip ins in 280 grams which I dyed into this purple dip-dye. I have a discount code for you guys who want to order clip-ins or other products from the @Luxuryforprincess website. Discount code: HERMINA