Monday, September 15, 2014


Green, mint, purple and black. I have it all in one hair-style, what do you think? I don't wear these extensions often, since it's hard to combine it with the items I wear. It really needs to be a neutral color to match with. Even though I have this color for more than one month, I'm kind of getting tired of it and I want to try something new. I still don't know which color I want to dye my extensions but luckily directions has a selection of 30 colors (I think) But lets talk about why I'm not blogging that often anymore and I'm really sorry for that because I enjoy blogging and shooting outfit pictures outside. But the problem is. The past two weeks has been difficult to combine the blogging life with my real life. My life changed from working once a week to 4 times a week and it's even going to be 5 times a week but I think that I will change it to 4 :-) So I really don't have the time to shoot outfit pictures outside anymore since it's getting darker and I'm tired when I get back home from work. So sorry! I hope to get my life on track the next week. Oh and also I have an exam on Wednesday, so that means working & studying. Not a good combination if you ask me, hehe. Anyway I hope you understand why I'm not blogging that much. Take care! Talk to you guys later xx
Groen, mint, paars en zwart. Ik heb al deze kleuren in een haar-style, wat vinden jullie ervan? Ik draag deze extensions niet vaak, want het is best moeilijk om te combineren met de items die ik draag. Je moet dit echt met neutrale kleuren combineren. Ook al heb ik deze kleur voor meer dan een maand, ik begin het een beetje zat te worden en ben toe aan een nieuw kleurtje. Ik weet nog steeds niet welke kleur ik wil, maar gelukkig heeft het verf van Directions veel soorten kleuren, ik dacht dat ze ongeveer 30 verschillende kleuren hadden. Maar goed, laten we het hebben over waarom ik de laatste tijd zo afwezig ben en niet vaak meer blog. Wat ik best jammer vind aangezien ik het bloggen en outfit foto's maken heel erg leuk vind om te doen. Het zit zo, de afgelopen twee weken had ik het druk met school en werk. Ik werkte full-time. Wat best moeilijk is om te combineren met het bloggen, meestal na het werken was ik veels te moe om nog outfit foto's te maken of het was al snel donker buiten. Dus sorry hiervoor! Oh en ik heb deze week nog een examen te gaan wat op woensdag is. Leren en werken! Geen goed combinatie als je het mij vraagt, hehe. Maar goed, ik hoop dat je begrijp waarom ik niet zo heel veel blog. Nou ik spreek jullie later! xx


Sunday, September 7, 2014


Hey there! Another video went online on my Youtube channel. I really enjoy making them but sometimes I run out of ideas, so your opinion is very welcome. What do you think about these lenses? Does one of you have them? I really like the creamy beige one, it really looks so natural. I always thought I had brown eyes but when I was filming it, my real eye color is green with a touch of brown, haha. Anyway I hope you like the video! :-)
Er staat een nieuw filmpje online op mijn Youtube kanaal. Ik begin het steeds leuker te vinden om filmpjes te maken, alleen soms dan heb ik even geen idee meer om wat te filmen. Ik hoor heel graag wat jullie willen zien! :-) Heeft iemand ervaring met de kleurlenzen van Desio? Ik vind creamy beige zo mooi! Het ziet er ook zo natuurlijk uit. In ieder geval, hopelijk vinden jullie de video leuk! :-)

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Thursday, September 4, 2014


I think that when this blogpost will be online that most of you are sleeping or just waking up. I just wanted to write a blogpost about how my life is right at this moment. Like I said I'm not studying this year. I only need to go to school for one exam. So that means that I'm going to start with studying for that exam and beside that, I'm working almost fulltime now. Yes you are reading that correct. FULLTIME! It's hard to be honest, this was my first week and I can tell you, you don't have any time left to do something. I really feel like a robot and working like this makes me realize I need to do something in life what makes me happy, something what's worth for to wake-up in the morning and be all excited about to do. I'm working at two places. Next week is my first day there, so I'm excited. So yes, it's just for the money because I need the money to finance myself with a 'project' for the end of this year but I will tell you more about that when the times right and when it's official. So yes, this is how my life looks like for the past couple of months. 


Saturday, August 30, 2014


Hallo daar! Er staat een nieuw video op mijn Youtube kanaal. Hopelijk vinden jullie het leuk. Dit keer een heel ander filmpje. Ik gebruik voor het eerst een green screen en ben van plan om het vaker zo te doen. Laat mij weten wat jullie ervan vinden! :-)

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Hi there, here's todays look, well not today as in that I take these today. I think I took these when I went to Primark with my boyfriend. We took these pictures kind of late so that's why it's kind of dark, but I like the effect of it. I was telling you guys about finding a job, I know how hard it is but today I found something that I like so lets hope that they will invite me for the job. Talking about job, tomorrow I need to wake up really early since I'm going to work at my internship, it's my last couple of days there and I'm kind of sad to leave since I was a intern there and now I have to leave. Not a big thing, they just wanted me for the summer months, hehe. And thank you for the nice comments on my latest blogpost about my lenses. I'm going to collaborate with another lens company so stay tuned for that! I think most of my followers who are into beauty related stuff will recognize the lenses since it's all over Istagram, haha. Anyway! Enjoy your day, I'm going to pick out clothes, pack my bag and leave to Arnhem to stay there for a couple of days. Talk to you later! 


Saturday, August 23, 2014


Hi there! I have something exciting to show you. I made a video about my new circle lenses from PinkyParadise. The video is in Dutch so sorry for my international followers. But it's just a video to watch and see how they look. The lenses look great on pictures and in the video but not when I zoomed in, but that's obvious. I like the fact that you can't feel the lenses. I think that I might make a make-up look with these lenses. You can create that 'cat-eye-effect' with these. What do you think about these lenses? 

Also I have a special code for you guys! Use my code: 'HERMINATOMASYAN'

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You can order the lenses here PinkyParadise and use my code. Have a nice weekend! :-)