Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Oke sorry for my international readers but this video is in Dutch! It's waaayyy more easier for me to speak Dutch than English because when I do speak English it takes me much longer to film it. Anyway! If you want to know anything about the video or what I'm saying, just ask!

I used my new set from Luxuryforprincess in the color Light Ash Blonde #60. Don't forget to use my discount code HERMINA5 :-)

Monday, July 21, 2014


Shooting outfit pictures in the morning will make your face look weird. Well not weird but just different than usual. When I shoot outfit pictures in the morning, my eyes looks smaller than normal, haha. This look might seem familiar and it is. I wore this outfit when my neighbor's family came all the way from Germany to visit them. We had a little ' high tea' outside with the family, but we took these pictures before that. Talking about my neighbor. Her mother left for four days so nobody is home at their place. I know never write things like that on the internet but it's oke since I'm living here for the past four days, haha. It's so quit and nice to live on your own. I really like hanging with my family but sometimes I need a space for my own without any noise. It's not weird right? Being lonely sometimes because I really enjoy that. Being on my own, doing my thing like reading my e-mails, replying them, edit my pictures for my blog and watch some Youtube. It's really relaxing and that's what I've been doing for the couple of days. I know it might sound boring but I have been active the whole year and now I need some time for myself to think about this year and how to plan everything. I still didn't tell you guys about my plan for this year. But I will, just be patient! :-)


Saturday, July 19, 2014


Ah look how my hair turned out! I'm really happy with the results. The fun part is that I used a blue hair dye and some of the extensions turned out green. Weird, huh? But I like this effect with a lot of colors. You can see purple, lilac, green, dark blue and light blue. What do you think of my new hair? I Filmed a video for my Youtube channel on how to get this hair (with extensions) But I'm talking Dutch, so if you have any questions about how I did it or if you don't understand my video. Just comment anywhere on my social media and I will reply :-) 


Good morning people out there! I woke up with the sun shinning in my bedroom, so that means I don't need to have an alarm clock set since the sun comes up at 9/10 AM. That's fine with me, haha. Today I'm going to work on my video that I made yesterday about my hair-extensions. People who follow me on Instagram and Twitter know what I mean. Since its to hot outside and inside our house I'm going to take my stuff with me and move over to the neighbor. My neighbor drove the next day after our graduation to her holiday destination and her mother left yesterday. When I was hanging my extensions on the drying reck outside - I know sometimes people freak out when they see my extensions hanging outside, haha- she came to me and asked if I wanted the house key for in case if I want to have space for myself in her house. Well that's fine with me! We live with six people in one house and sometimes it's getting hotter because of the people. So it would be great to sit in a house with nobody but myself and edit a film or work on my blog post. I have - fear not- 21 outfit post to post online, yikes that's alooot! And I still keep making them, haha. So no more excuses, right? Haha. 


Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hey Lovelies, How are you all doing? Are you enjoying your vacation? Sure I am, even though I still need to plan my day. Usually I'm a busy person, so having free time everyday is kind of weird for me but I'm getting used to it! I have a job now and I'm still searching for another one. Anyway I'm going to tell you about my outfit and what I'm going to do today. I can't get enough of outfits with tops like these. And let me tell you one thing, I bought this one accidentally. I wanted to but this item in my cart and without watching which button I pressed the next thing I knew was that I received an e-mail that I needed to pay for an item thatI recently bought. I don't mind it since I'm in love with this top! Some of you asked me if they could get the link to it. I will post a link later or answer the ones who wear asking, since I'm kind of in a hurry now. I already packed my suitcase. The only thing that I need to do now is get ready, go to the city eat some sushi with my friend and then shoot some outfit pictures in the city since I don't have anything better to do today. But it doesn't matter right? Because that means I can post more looks on my blog. Oh and stay tuned for my new hair! I already bought the hair color that I want but I'm still not so sure about it, but you will see that on my next Youtube video that I'm going to make !;-) (I hope that it will be a video, haha) Have a nice sunny day!


Monday, July 14, 2014


One thing that always catches my attention on a fair is the cotton candy and popcorn stand. I love that yellow-pinkish-fluffy color combination. I went to the fair with my family today. I was only there to take some photo's of my little brothers. It's so nice to see that little things like popcorn can cheer up a little kid. Earlier that day I went to a small city next to where my parents life to bring back the books from an ex-classmate. We went to the subway, had a talk and later that day we searched for a location to shoot some outfit pictures. Which turned out pretty awesome *ego ego* Haha no I'm just kidding! Everyone who knows me, knows how picky I'm when it comes to my photo's. So that's why I always let people shoot more than 100 pictures for me, so that I can choose at least 10 of them, haha. Tell me I'm not the only one who does this. Anyway, I'm going to sleep, have a nice evening! xx