Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Hello there, what are you guys up to on this sunny day? I'm not doing anything interesting at all, just having a day off since I don't have school anymore. Right after posting this article I'm going to pack my stuff for today. After two weeks of staying at home it's time to go to my second home and have my normal life back. It's kind of boring... Staying at home and doing nothing, I have more free time now and still I'm not doing anything interesting. But when I'm busy with everything I always have more time to do other things. Weird huh? About the packing, I still don't know what to bring with me, since it's not too hot and not to cold.. One of the things that I'm wearing everyday when I go to my internship is my leather pants and my nike free run shoes. I really can't live without them even though the summer is coming. I hope to find anything leather related to my leather pants, haha. Maybe a leather midi skirt? Well see about that later. Wish me luck with packing my bag because I always bring alloooot of crap with me that I'm not even going to use. I always bring crap with me and then bring it back haha.  

ps. I'm going to change my hair color. Are you guys exited? Well I am! I will make a post later about that or even film it later. Bye bye! xx


Monday, April 21, 2014


I can't believe that I was hesitating about buying this skirt. I bought it when I brought some stuff back to the Primark that didn't fit me - I don't even remember what I brought back...- I saw this midi skirt hanging in the sale section, it surprised me that people weren't buying it. I mean like, where else can you find cheap midi skirts like these? I don't know about you but I'm obsessed with midi skirts at this moment. I hope to find more of them at the Primark when I go back, because I have more stuff to bring back that doesn't fit me, haha. My boyfriend says that I'm just using that ''I need to bring back stuff at the Primark'' as an excuse to go back there. Well it kind of is now, haha. I also bought the bag from the Primark and I'm using it as a camera bag for my camera. And my new jacket which I'm in love with! It's from Elisestore. I will talk to you guys later! xx



It's Monday! Probably the best Monday since I'm having a day off. Here in The Netherlands it's the second day of Easter, so that means everything in town is closed and everyone is a day off from work & school. Hurray for that! Haha. I bought these three items almost a month ago and still can't believe that I didn't received it.. What's wrong H&M? The Winter is almost over and I still need to get a winter coat, hehe. Maybe I will use it on the chill days like today.. I wanted to shoot some outfit pictures but since it's raining I don't think that, that's going to happen. Come back later on my blog I will post an article with outfit pictures. xx
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Sunday, April 20, 2014


Happy Easter! I hope you are having a nice and sunny day like I do. Well at least the sun is shinning, I woke up with a bad tooth ace. I started with using the crest white strips and hope that it won't last, the pain isn't strong but it doesn't feel good, haha.I'm not going to do alot of things today, just eat with my family, we already have colored eggs, fish and spinach. That's kind of the traditional food that Armenians eat on easter, we eat al lot more but this is kind of the basic. Oh and let me tell you a fun part of colloring your eggs on a natural way. All you need to use is the onion peel. Yup that's right, onion peel. You use all the onion peel to color the eggs red/burgundy on a natural way. My mom saves the onion peel when New Year is over so we have enough onion peel on Easter. Maybe this trick is to late for you, or you already knew it. But maybe you can use it next year. Have a nice easter. xx


Saturday, April 19, 2014


Hey there! My exam week is finally over!!! I'm so happy that it's over and that I got one of my exams back and I even passed one of them, yay for me! The other one isn't that important but it would be nice if I passed that one too. That means I have one exam left, but that's about one month later, but me and my friends are going to start with studying the next week. We both need to pass that exam to get our diploma and then we can celebrate it together and burn our books together, haha. We already burned our paperwork from the exam we passed. Anyway I'm back to the whole blogging. I was searching for some nice Wordpress layouts and how to make one, since I want to move to Wordpress  But I think I'm going to start with that in my summer vacation. It's kind of a lot of work to do. Do you guys have any websites or tips on how to do that? I know how to import it to Wordpress but I don't know how to do the rest since I already have a host and domain name.. But I don't use the host - I know, stupid..- Anyway I'm having a looonngggg weekend! I don't have school anymore, only internship, so that means aloooot of blogging - I hope- Haha. have a nice weekend guys! xx


Sunday, April 13, 2014


Owhyeah, again an allblackeverythinglook. Those are the looks that I enjoy creating, it's simple, classy, feminine and clean. Oh and don't forget the leather touch of it, I got my new leather jacket (faux of  course) from Elisestore. I always wanted to buy this leather jacket when I saw Damiet (The blonde girl  from the Luxuryforprincess shoot) wearing this one. But the problem is I couldn't find it anywhere near where I live. Anyway I finally got it now, haha. This is the outfit that I wore yesterday -Yesterday was a though day like the day before. Me and my friends studied more than seven hours a day. And that's what we are going to do today, study again- After studying my dad picked me up to drop me off at my next location, a Birthday party. That's like one of the best things you can do after a long day of studying, going to a party where you can see your friends and meet new people out there. Anyway, I'm going to pack my stuff, eat something, change my clothes and ask my dad to drop me off there again. Studying till 10 AM it is. Wish me and my girls some luck! Bye bye xx