Tuesday, July 29, 2014


For the Dutchies, sorry!
Hier een nieuw video van mijn dagelijkse make-up routine. Ik heb al een soort gelijke video hiervan, maar dat is nog van vorig jaar en mijn routine is zoals je ziet verandert. Ik hoop dat jullie het leuk vinden om te zien. En als jullie nieuwe video idee├źn hebben, laat het me weten in de comments. Ik hoor het graag! Liefs. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Hello again, I'm really getting into blogging and I blog for almost everyday now. I made myself a breakfast a salad with aloooot of things in it and of course soy drink. I'm kind of addicted to soy drink now. Anyway since the weather is shitty today I think that I'm going to stay home and watch movies and later on I will clean my room and give my room a make-over. Yesterday I bought some cute things for my room, so I'm going to give them their own little space in my room. And of course start a blogsale! You can find already some products on my page ' blog sale '  If you like something just e-mail me about it! :-) Oh and what kind of movies or series do you watch? Like I said I'm taking this one year break from school, even though I need to go in september to make a test for my second diploma but that's just for one time or maybe two - I hope!- What do you think about my outfit? the skirt is really poofy as you can see but it also has a weird texture. The fabric is similar to a rain suit fabric, which kind of feels weird to wear, haha. Everytime I want to sit it feels like I'm wearing a wedding dress with a lot of fabric. But still people compliment my skirt, especially older woman. One time an older woman asked me if she could touch it, how sweet, haha. Anyway I'm going to finish my salad and do the rest! :-)

Friday, July 25, 2014


Hello there! Finally I woke up all by myself this time. Most of the time I wake up because of my little brothers, seriously kids have alooot of energy and I don't have that much energy in the morning. Not at 7AM.. Haha. Anyway here's my outfit from last week which I wore, we shot another look here but not at the same angle. I will show that look later up on my blog. What do you think of the skirt? It really looks weird on pictures, like... I'm not even wearing something. It's so thin, so you need to be careful when you want to sit on something which is made of wood. You don't want to rip this weird beauty. Next time I will wear it with a skirt underneath it, maybe it looks better than with sport short. What do you think of this look? Would you wear something like this? Please let me know how you would combine it. 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Hi there! First of all thank you guys for all your sweet comments on my video from yesterday. I received aloooot of nice message from you guys, thank you :-) But here comes the question again, haha. What do you want to see in my next video? I already filmed a updated daily make-up routine which will be up next week. And maybe I will do a clothing haul. Someone even asked me to do a video on how to take care of your extensions, so maybe I will film that too. If you have more idea's please let me know :-) But for todays look I'm wearing a two piece set from Desireclothing As you can see the skirt is kind of big for me but that's not a problem since my mom is a pro with sewing. Sewing and making carpets was her job and she did her job like a pro when she was younger ( and now of course, haha) Anyway, I'm going to get ready and go out to buy bubble wrap enveloppe. Yes you can guess what's coming! I'm going to sell my clothes on my blog. Clothes which I'm not wearing or clothes which I don't like anymore. I don't think that there will be an outfit post tomorrow since I'm working that day and I'm not planning on bringing my laptop with me. But we will see about that later don't we? hihi. Take care and talk to you guys later!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Oke sorry for my international readers but this video is in Dutch! It's waaayyy more easier for me to speak Dutch than English because when I do speak English it takes me much longer to film it. Anyway! If you want to know anything about the video or what I'm saying, just ask!

I used my new set from Luxuryforprincess in the color Light Ash Blonde #60. Don't forget to use my discount code HERMINA5 :-)

Monday, July 21, 2014


Shooting outfit pictures in the morning will make your face look weird. Well not weird but just different than usual. When I shoot outfit pictures in the morning, my eyes looks smaller than normal, haha. This look might seem familiar and it is. I wore this outfit when my neighbor's family came all the way from Germany to visit them. We had a little ' high tea' outside with the family, but we took these pictures before that. Talking about my neighbor. Her mother left for four days so nobody is home at their place. I know never write things like that on the internet but it's oke since I'm living here for the past four days, haha. It's so quit and nice to live on your own. I really like hanging with my family but sometimes I need a space for my own without any noise. It's not weird right? Being lonely sometimes because I really enjoy that. Being on my own, doing my thing like reading my e-mails, replying them, edit my pictures for my blog and watch some Youtube. It's really relaxing and that's what I've been doing for the couple of days. I know it might sound boring but I have been active the whole year and now I need some time for myself to think about this year and how to plan everything. I still didn't tell you guys about my plan for this year. But I will, just be patient! :-)