I had this photoshoot almost a month ago, but still I want to show you the results of the photoshoot. I really like the different hair colors. And ofcource I´m having the darkest hair off them all, haha. It was really a nice day with the girls. And we also took some Christmas theme pictures. I will show it another time. What do you think? Do you like the photo's? Atleast I do. Oh and this was my first time that I did something like this. It's so weird to pose for someone else. Oke well, I'm kind of a 'fashion blogger' so I pose everyday, but still it was all new for me. But well, I'm going to sleep now,I barely can type now, haha. And the best part is that I need to get up on  6 am 'ahum, NOT!' Haha.

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  1. All look gorgeous! Love all your hairs. xx

  2. Pretty!! You guys all have thick, gorgeous hair!

    atelier zozo

  3. Beautiful hair you all look gorgeous.

  4. I like & love you...
    You are best from your group. You are my favourite...