Today's blogpost is all about my new dress from Red Label. What do you think of how it looks? It's one of those dresses that you can put on without wearing anything else with it. Grab some nice heels and a cute little bag and your off to go! I will deviantly shoot more pictures in this dress. Maybe a casual look with it. Since you can combine these kind of dresses like a boho style or grunge. Anyway I couldn't sleep so maybe I got 5 or 6 hours sleep.. I know it's not that good but really I couldn't fell asleep. But it's time for me to go out of my bed, do my make-up, dress up, eat something, pack my bag and go to school. I'm having school after more than one break. I told you guys that I finally was done with that one exam. But for now I need to focus on the next one and then I'm done! So wish me luck for the couple of weeks, hihi.