One thing that always catches my attention on a fair is the cotton candy and popcorn stand. I love that yellow-pinkish-fluffy color combination. I went to the fair with my family today. I was only there to take some photo's of my little brothers. It's so nice to see that little things like popcorn can cheer up a little kid. Earlier that day I went to a small city next to where my parents life to bring back the books from an ex-classmate. We went to the subway, had a talk and later that day we searched for a location to shoot some outfit pictures. Which turned out pretty awesome *ego ego* Haha no I'm just kidding! Everyone who knows me, knows how picky I'm when it comes to my photo's. So that's why I always let people shoot more than 100 pictures for me, so that I can choose at least 10 of them, haha. Tell me I'm not the only one who does this. Anyway, I'm going to sleep, have a nice evening! xx


  1. Amazing pictures! And I lovvee carmel corn!!

  2. your photos did turn out beautiful!
    I'm also picky when I take photos :P

  3. ooo! Cotton Candy!!! I haven't had that in a long time. It looks so delicious.
    Bright and Shiny

  4. you look so lovely

  5. CottonCandy is one of my favorites! Hmmm....
    You look gorgeous!

    Bella -

  6. You are so pretty, such cute pictures :)

  7. So cute! The pictures and your blog entry remind me of a candle that I have. I know that you're in The Netherlands, but I hope that you'll get to experience Bath & Body Works "American Boardwalk"/"Summer Boardwalk" candle (same scent, two different names) sometime. It smells exactly like a Summer fair/festival! The candle smells like cotton candy, caramel popcorn, candied apple, and roller coasters (according to the label! Lol). ;-)

  8. Lovely so cute xxx
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