My legs, arms and everything are sore from my workout. It feels good to have this feeling back since I really got out of my fitness routine ritme. I know one year ago I was training so hard everyday after my internship or school. But it doesn't matter, it's all about the journey, I'm getting there even if it's a slow progress. Slow progress is better than no progress right? What do you guys think of this new crochet thing that I bought from eBay. I saw someone wearing the same one on the internet and thought it would look great over a bikini. Which I still need to buy one, since I'm always getting bored of wearing it after one time, haha. And I really want to go on a vacation but still can't find anything since I'm on a budget this year. I will all tell you about that later when I figure out the plans I'm going to make this year. But I can tell you it has to do with moving. *hint hint* Haha. Anyway! I'm having a day off and doing nothing at home, maybe I will put on my bikini and lay in the backyard. What are you guys up to?