Hi there! First of all thank you guys for all your sweet comments on my video from yesterday. I received aloooot of nice message from you guys, thank you :-) But here comes the question again, haha. What do you want to see in my next video? I already filmed a updated daily make-up routine which will be up next week. And maybe I will do a clothing haul. Someone even asked me to do a video on how to take care of your extensions, so maybe I will film that too. If you have more idea's please let me know :-) But for todays look I'm wearing a two piece set from Desireclothing As you can see the skirt is kind of big for me but that's not a problem since my mom is a pro with sewing. Sewing and making carpets was her job and she did her job like a pro when she was younger ( and now of course, haha) Anyway, I'm going to get ready and go out to buy bubble wrap enveloppe. Yes you can guess what's coming! I'm going to sell my clothes on my blog. Clothes which I'm not wearing or clothes which I don't like anymore. I don't think that there will be an outfit post tomorrow since I'm working that day and I'm not planning on bringing my laptop with me. But we will see about that later don't we? hihi. Take care and talk to you guys later!



  1. You look amazing, and what a great outfit!
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  2. eBay haul video <3

  3. Oh, I really like the pairing of the sneakers with this outfit! It's so unexpected, yet it works out very well. :o)

  4. Beautiful look.. i love crop top.. and recently i post in my blog soemthing about this!!

  5. wow you look so stunning! I love that set, just awesome!
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  6. i am digging the color babe! you look wonderful! lots of love from here :)