Today I'm going to show you guys how to make a simply, quick and delicious protein smoothie with using protein powder from Fitnessguru. I really like the smell/taste of the protein powder. But what I do like the most is when you want to drink it with milk/water or with whatever you want to drink it, that everything is smooth and you won't have lumps in your drink. I think it's kind of gross to drink it and then taste a lump of protein in your mouth. Try to taste protein powder with a spoon and you will get what I mean, haha. I'm really getting into the whole healthy lifestyle and working out everyday. I'm even working out twice a day! Can you imagine I'm back turning into a fit person when I was lazy for the past three month. Anyway I ate my breakfast and two meals already and right after writing this article I'm going to drink this and go to the gym.  This if what you will need for your protein smoothie:

* Soy drink
* Almond drink
* Chia seeds
* Linseed
* Banana's
* Raspberries
* Protein powder
* Bottle to put it into

1. First you put the soy drink, almond milk, protein powder and the fruit into the blender.
2. Grab a cup or bowl and put the Chia seeds and Linseed into the soy drink or almond milk to let it kind of 'grow'.
3. Put the chia seeds and linseed on top of the rest
4. Turn the blender lid on and glen everything smooth together.
5. As you can see it's turning dark pinkish because of the raspberries.
6. Pour it into your cup or you can drink out of the blender.

Enjoy your protein fruit smoothie! I hope you like posts like these because you will see more of these posts with alooot of health recipes.


  1. This looks so nice!! :D

    Jade x ♡

  2. Dat ziet er lekker uit.
    En vult goed volgens mij.


  3. Not only does this sound healthy but it also looks delicious!