I never heard of fitness noodles until now. When I opened the box I seriously had no idea what to do with them. But after searching the net I found out that people just mixed with everything they like, so that's what I did. I opened the packaging and look how weird it looks! It looks like seafood, haha. Well atlas that's what I thought when I opened the packaging. 

The things that I used:
- tomato puree
- sour creme 
- any seasoning you like
- cucumber
- lettuce
- drumsticks

1. So lets get started! I turned the stove on and placed a large saucepan on top of it. 
2. Put the noodles in the pan, I drizzled some olive oil on top so that they don't stick together. 
3. Put the sour creme and the tomato puree on top and make sure to stir it even, so that the noodles are all coated with the goodies. 
4. Grab yourself a plate and put the noodles on it. Now it's time to decorare them
5. You can put any veggies on top of it, I used cucumber and lettuce
6. Place the drumsticks next to the noodles

To be honest I didn't liked the taste of the noodles like this. If you're a noodles freak like me (the 'soup' version) then try to not make them dry like this, I could even call this spaghetti, haha. 

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  1. This actually looks tasty!