Hollywood: Either you love it or you hate it there, but I have mixed feelings about it. First of all, when you live in The Netherlands and you visit America you're going to experience a completely different world. Literally everything I've seen here so far is big! Anyway, for me Hollywood is all about the walk of fame, the palm trees, shopping malls and the nice view. Besides that I can't think of anything that Hollywood has to offer. About my mixed feelings: It's just..When you live in a country where your neighborhood is clean, then don't expect to see the same cleanliness in Hollywood. Whenever I was staring outside of my window I saw a lot of homeless people. You might think Hollywood is all glitter and glamour like it is on tv, but once you see it with you own eyes it's just a street with a bunch of  famous names on the ground. It's just something to cross off your wish/bucket list. Oh and some people even wrote their own name on it with a permanent marker. Kind of funny don't you think, haha :-) 

As you can see we were walking here and it was exceptionally crowded that day! It was actually a national holiday of some sort.(I can't remember what) After some walking, shopping, visiting the mall and taking pictures we went out for some taco's. By the time it got dark we were tired and went home.


  1. Wonderful place! :) I so want to go there too!

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  2. Hello from Spain: Fabulous country. I never traveled to America. I like to know the places we see on the television series. Nice pics.Keep in touch

    1. Ah you should! I know America is so big and has so many to offer!

  3. Gaaf dat je er was! En ik vind je outfit heel mooi!