Okay, first of all I want to apologize for not blogging. I don't know why, but I did;t feel like blogging for over a month. It's just that I feel that blogging is something that you would want to do and not have to do. Anyway, I still have a lot of pictures from my trip to The United States. I will do my best to find them and post it as a day post and tell you guys what I did that day (as much as I can remember anyway) So here we go!
When I was done with my make-up and decided what to wear I had some time left before my aunt and cousins came to pick me up. So I thought let's take some pictures and right when I did that I heard my aunt calling my name. So I packed everything and went outside. My aunt taught me how to set the alarm before leaving the house. After setting the alarm I remembered that I left the dog inside.. That was;t my brightest moment, haha (and yes we opened the door and let the dog out, but it was too late. The alarm had already been trioggered, oops!)
We picked up my cousin Liana and then we went to Victoria Gardens. I had heard of it on youtube that many you tubers life here. It's a big outside shopping mall and the first shop you will see when you park your car is...

Macy's of course! :-)
When people pick me up don't know what we are going to do so most of the time it's a surprise for me. Look how big this product is! I don't think that this will fit in your make-up bag, haha :-)
We went to a candy store where my cousin bought me bean boozled. Yes I know, some of them taste really nasty (especially canned dog food & skunk spray!)
We came across this cute bakery. Look at how cute those glazed apples look! They even sell Minion glazed apples but I didn't see them. Maybe they were sold out?
Beyond the cuteness! This was after valentine's day. I don't know if it was made by the owners off the mall or by random people passing by. I don't know if you can read it, but some of them are really funny 
Picture with my cousin Sarah in the Sephora. This time I did't buy anything from here. Yay for me!
A picture with Sarah, Liana & I. We were just walking around and taking pictures, because there was a queue in the restaurant where we wanted to eat. So three cousins and my aunt were waiting inside while we were shopping. Or should I say 'window shopping' haha.
We ordered some drinks, I picked a strawberry lemonade (which was yummy!) and nacho's with a spinach dip.
Everyone ordered something different and unfortunately some of those dishes came earlier than others, but I let everyone wait so that I could take a picture with all this yummy food, lol.
And this is what I ordered. Salmon (I think it was made the same way as the pizza's) and spicy corn salade.
After eating we went to the mall again but this time we went to other malls. We stopped at this place because I thought that the background scenery was perfect for some outfit pictures (yes I will make an outfit post) Looking back at pictures like these makes me want to go back. My uncles wife (whom I visited this weekend) still says: ''come with us.'' They are going on the 14th of June, but I haven't decided yet. I will let you guys know, hehe.
If you follow my vlogs on youtube than you  know that I'm obsessed with palm trees. So I had to take a picture.
Last but not least we went to the cheesecake factory. You guys can probably guess what I ordered 
Of course I ordered the red velvet cake! I shared it with my cousin, because it was huge! We didn't even finished it, lol
And of course hot coco :-)
I really had a fun day with my aunt and my five cousins. After we left the cheesecake factory we said goodbye to Sarah and her mother and we went to Liana's house to drop her off. Anna wanted to buy something from the Target and I did't mind going with them. After that they dropped me off at where my aunt was. She was visiting her neighbors where I ate strawberries and after that it was time to go to bed.

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