Luxury Curler 5-in-1 Curling Wand

Sooo, I have some exciting news to tell you, guys! If you follow my blog or Instagram, then you already know that I've been wearing clip-in extensions from Luxury for Princess. I already knew that they were working on something new and I'm excited to share it with you! It's the Luxury Curler 5-in-1 Curling Wand. I also made a video about it, using three barrels. There are five in total, but after curling my hair three times I thought: "That's enough curls for today." haha. I will show the other two in this post, so that you kind of have an idea of what your curls will look like.
The Luxury Curler 5-in-1 Curling Wand is made of 100% titanium, which allows frizz free long lasting curls. Like I said; there are five different barrels. Here you have the list with the sizes:
- 32mm
- 25mm with clip
- 25mm - 13mm
- 9mm - 18mm
- Pearl

It's really easy to switch from barrels, plus it comes with a manual. which tells you exactly how to put the barrel on and take it off. Once the curling iron is on temperature (175F - 410F) , you can start curling your hair/clip-ins in less than a minute. Don't forget to put your heat resistant glove on, which is hidden underneath the barrels.
This is the 32mm one and also my favorite one because there's no place where you can put your fingers on (does that make any sense?) you need to wear the glove with this barrel. You can only use the 25mm barrel with the clip without using the glove, because you can hold the 'plastic' side of the barrel. So, about this barrel: I really like the curls. It's loose but you still can see the curls.
This is the 9mm - 18mm one. This is my second favorite and I will explain why. My own hair is really thick so starting with smaller curls on top and large curls at the bottom will make your hair ends look fuller as you can see on the left picture.
This is the 25mm - 13mm one. This barrel will give your hair a whole new texture. When I combed my curls out it really matched my clip-ins. If you've seen any of my old videos ,than you've  probably noticed that I have 'afro frizzy' hair. This barrel will give you the same texture. Now you might wonder why would I want to have frizzy hair? But that will only happen when you brush it out without putting an oil in your hair.
The left one is the pearl wand and the right one is the 25mm one with the clip. The right one is one of those curling iron's that almost every girl owns, maybe in different sizes, but we all do own one of them. I didn't use them in my video because it would take me a whole day to curl my hair. If I wanted to use both of them, then I'd need to straighten my hair before using these two.
I also have a discount code for you if you want to order. Use the code HERMINA15 to get a €15,- discount. You can only use that code for the curling wand, if you want to order clip-ins, then use my code HERMINA. Oh, and make sure that you choose the right plug for your country when ordering the curling wand.


  1. Love the curls that wand makes and of course you hair looks fabulous!

  2. looks amazing with those curly hair.Love it dear.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Have a amazing day.