I guess you didn't see that coming, right? In my last post I told you guys that I was going to Valencia. And I did go there (pictures or it never happened, haha) But I also had booked a trip to Milan and since I didn't take a lot of pictures there I thought why not post them first. I went to Milan for three days. To be honest I thought it was going to be as fun as Valencia, but it wasn't. I feel like Milan is a place where you can go for shopping. Anyway! Other than that and the fact that it was raining, I had a fun time over there. In the first picture it was actually raining but since my hair was already frizzy I didn't care. The second picture is when we were flying back home. The third picture is from the second day, we were done with our breakfast and heading back to our hotel. I wore my new jeans which I got from Bershka (it's a little to big for me) and paired it with a plane white t-shirt and my new furry slippers which I got from Primark. And the last one is in front of our hotel. There was this big pink touring car :-) 

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