Can you imagine how excited I was when I came home - after four weeks being in The United States - And the first thing that I saw in my room was a bubble gum colored packaging. Whenever I spot a bubble gum colored packaging, I know that it's from Luxury for princess. This time they came out with a new set. It's called the ' Princess Supreme'' This one is actually in 320grams and 22''! That's alooot! Compared to my first set that I received from them - almost two years ago! - I also made a video for you guys, I often get questions on Instagram if I want to make a video about ' How I do my hair'. So there you go! :-)

When you buy one of the Luxury for Princess set, it will come in a cute packaging with a tester. You can take it out, try it, curl it, straighten it etc. If you're not sure about keeping them then don't open the whole packaging! There's a sticker on it, ones you open the packaging you can't return it back! So be sure that you want to keep the set when you open it.

This is what you get:
First picture:                                          2x 8'' wide with  4 clips, 1x 9'' wide with 4 clips
Second picture:                                      2x 6'' wide with 3 clips
Third picture:                                         2x 4'' wide with 2 clips, 2x 2'' wide with 1 clip
This is my before and after picture with the supreme set. As you can see I have thick and short hair and it really blends in with the clip-ins. A couple months ago I tried to cut a long 'bobline' but I totally messed up my hair. I think that I've cut more than 15 cm of my own hair - I still can't believe that I did that- So after ruining my hair I went to the hairdresser. I didn't had much choice with my hair since it was really messed up, I told her to cut it in layers. So hat's why my hair looks like this now, haha :-) If you have the same hair like I do, than you definitely need to watch my video on how I clip them in. It might help you, if you have thick hair and you're struggling on how to blend them.

You can order the set here: Luxury for Princess Supreme 

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