Hey there! I'm almost done with my room, I took some pictures of the stuff that I bought, but forgot to upload it.. Whoopsie! But here you go, I will show you the stuff that I bought.

Picture 1
A gallery of Audry Hepburn from the Action for €0,99
I don't know what's the name of it, haha. You can put stuff on it. From the Action for €2,99

Picture 2
Same thing as on picture one, but larger. From the Action for €4,99
Heart, I will put my perfume in it. From the Action for €5/6?

Picture 3
A faux fur from the Action for €5,99
A beautiful vase. I'm going to use it for my brushes. From the action for €3,79

Picture 4
I will use this for my make-up, beautystuff etc. I bought it at the Xenos for €14,99


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