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Céliea by Hermina

Hi there! How are you doing? I hope you are doing well. I quickly wanted to stop by and tell you guys that I've started my own small business online. Here are some pictures of what I make and sell. Each piece is handmade by me. Go have a look at wwww.celiea.com and let me know in the comments which you like.

Luxury for princess: 180grams 20' seamless set

You will receive your clip-ins in a box which has a hair pattern on it, cool, huh? Also, I like the personal touch which they include in every order! You will receive a handwritten note from them. If this is your first time trying out clip-ins there will be a guide included, so you can try it step by step. Or you can search for their YouTube video's. 
Once you wrap it open there will be a black box in there with this sticker on the box. This sticker is important once you open the box, they will know that you opened the box and I think you can't send it back if that's the case. So be careful with that if you are not sure of keeping it. What you can do is try the tester which is in the right 'box'. You can also add accessories in your basket like this hanger! It's a nice way to store your hair when you're not going to use it for a while (or not every day in my case). 

As you can see I have thick and short hair and I managed to blend this set with my hair! This set will be my to go set when my hair is longer. I don't know if it has to do something with my hair, but once my hair is longer it doesn't look thick at all, even after cutting it in one length. If you have my type of hair I would advice you to use half of your hair. I have put half of my hair in a tail and pinned it back with bobby-pins, on top of that I clipped the extensions. This way you will not have short hair peeking, which will give you a more natural look. 
If you have been following me from the beginning, you might know that I use clip-in extensions from Luxury for Princess since 2013. I have tried almost every set and accessories from them. This time they came out with a new set: the seamless one. As you can see this one is very different from the regular set. This set has a 'plastic' strip, which is thinner than the original one. I could not feel it when I clipped the set in, which is a good thing. Also, this set is shorter than their 'original' sets, which is a good thing when you have shorter hair and want it to blend nicely with your own hair. I always feel like the shorter your hair looks, the faker it will appear when the set is way too long. If you are planning on buying a set from Luxury for Princes, you can use my discount code HERMINA or HERMINA15 on their tools. If you have any questions related to length/color etc. I would suggest to contact Luxury for Princess. They will help you with that.

*This is not a sponsored post, Luxury for Princess contacted me if they could send me some of their products to try out. 


A couple of months ago I went to an event from Clinique with a friend. We met up in Amsterdam and went to the opening together. There were already some people, but luckily we were early there so we could look around without having to push our self through the crowd. We even got the chance to let this lovely woman write our name on the bottle. You could choose the type of style you wanted your name to be written, looks pretty cool, huh? Also you could walk around, try their products out, ask questions about it and also get some advice on what to use for your skin type. I also bought some products from Clinique, because I heard good things about it.  After taking some pictures and looking around we went to 'Shabu to go' to have some poke bowl and sushi! I'm always in for sushi :-) And tomorrow they are having another event which I will be attending. Super excited because this time it's about make-up!

Thrifted IKEA Hemnes makeover

*picture on the right is from the IKEA website
I always wanted to have that antique kind of look dressoir, but after searching the costs of it made me realise that there might be a way to hack that ‘expensieve’ look without spending a lot of money. Would you believe me that I bought these items for €30,-! What a steal right? I got them both from 
Marktplaats, you can compare it with Craigslist. The dressoir if From IKEA you can get it for €129,-




I was at the press event of River Island last week. Their collection was made up of different pieces of clothing. My favorite one is the powder pink coat which you can see on the 2nd picture. The coat reaches all the way to the ground, which will be too long for most women. And of course I vlogged that day. Although the video is more of an impression video than anything else. I hope you'll enjoy watching it!

Vorige week bezocht ik een persevenement van River Island. De collectie bestond uit verschillende kledingstukken, zoals je kunt zien. Mijn favoriete kledingstuk van de ghele collectie is die poederroze jas die jullie op de 2e foto kunnen zien. Die jas komt wel helemaal tot de grond, wat voor de meesten te lang zal zijn. Natuurlijk heb ik ook gevlogd die dag. Alhoewel het meer een video is geworden die de sfeer daar laat zien. Hopelijk vinden jullie het leuk om te zien!