Thrifted IKEA Hemnes makeover

*picture on the right is from the IKEA website
I always wanted to have that antique kind of look dressoir, but after searching the costs of it made me realise that there might be a way to hack that ‘expensieve’ look without spending a lot of money. Would you believe me that I bought these items for €30,-! What a steal right? I got them both from 
Marktplaats, you can compare it with Craigslist. The dressoir if From IKEA you can get it for €129,-

I got this mirror for €20,- and this is how it looks before spray painting it gold. Gold chrome to be specific, I needed one bottle to cover everything up which costed me €2,-  
As you can see it covers it pretty good! I did two coats without waiting, after that I just watched some Youtube video’s while waiting for it to dry. I got bored after 20 minutes and went home and let the mirror dry outside in the garden. Make sure when you do this it’s not raining! One time I spray painted a side table, when it was time to pick it up it had rain stains on it, haha! It looked cool to be honest, but I will spray paint that one day, haha. 
So these are the steps for the dressoir. 
You can find this on my Instagram page @byherminaa 
And this is the end result! Looks fancy, huh? I really love this corner ♥️ I hope you liked this little tutorial of how I did this. After seeing what you can do with thrifted items, I will definitely thrift more. Why pay €130,- for a dressoir when you can save yourself €100,- by thrifting it :-) 

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