A couple of months ago I went to an event from Clinique with a friend. We met up in Amsterdam and went to the opening together. There were already some people, but luckily we were early there so we could look around without having to push our self through the crowd. We even got the chance to let this lovely woman write our name on the bottle. You could choose the type of style you wanted your name to be written, looks pretty cool, huh? Also you could walk around, try their products out, ask questions about it and also get some advice on what to use for your skin type. I also bought some products from Clinique, because I heard good things about it.  After taking some pictures and looking around we went to 'Shabu to go' to have some poke bowl and sushi! I'm always in for sushi :-) And tomorrow they are having another event which I will be attending. Super excited because this time it's about make-up!

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